Important information regarding web based email providers

Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and Gmail all provide built in spam filters that by default may mark some legitimate emails as spam, and as a result permanently delete it before it reaches your inbox, this includes emails from Please see below for instructions on how to resolve this issue.

(1) Microsoft Hotmail:

Log in to your Hotmail account  ⇒  Click on 'Mail'  ⇒  Click on Options  ⇒  From 'Mail Options' select 'Junk Mail Protection'  ⇒  From the 'Junk Mail Protection' options select 'Safe List'  ⇒  There will be a text box visible, enter the domain name into the text box and click 'Add'  ⇒  The domain "" should now be in the Safe List.

Your email service should now accept emails from

(2) Yahoo Mail:

Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account  ⇒  Select 'Options' from the far right of the page  ⇒  In 'Options', select 'Filters'  ⇒  On the Filters pages select the 'ADD' button  ⇒  You should now see the create filter page.  ⇒  Enter into the Filter Name text box, then type it again in the header text box. Then select 'Inbox' from the 'Move the message to:' drop down menu  ⇒  Click the 'Add Filter'  ⇒  This Filter should put any mail from into your Inbox and not see it as spam.
If anything from was moved to your 'Bulk' box, then select the email and click on the 'Not Spam' button and follow the instructions.

Your email service should now accept emails from

(3) AOL Mail:

Use AOL Webmail via or  ⇒  Log in to your AOL account  ⇒  Select 'Settings' from the menu on the right  ⇒  Select 'Spam Controls' from the menu on the left  ⇒  You should now see the Spam Filter page  ⇒  First, change the 'Blocked Email Should Be:' drop down menu to 'Deliver to Spam Folder' (this will make sure if is seen as spam then it can be recovered)  ⇒  Next, Select the 'Control From Whom I Get Email' button, a new window should appear
Depending on your preferences, in this window, select the option to 'Allow Email From People I know' (or 'Allow email from all Senders') and click 'Save' below these options  ⇒  You should have now returned to the Spam Filter page, click the 'Save' button near the base of the page  ⇒  Next go to the 'Addresses' page (select the 'Addresses' option from the menu to the above right)  ⇒  Here you have to click the 'New' option and select 'New Contact' from the menu that appears  ⇒  In the window type '' into the 'Email 1' field  ⇒  Then select save.

Your email service should now accept emails from

(4) Gmail:

Log in to your Gmail account  ⇒  Click on 'Settings' in the topright hand corner of the page  ⇒  Select 'Filter' from the menu, located under the Settings title in orange  ⇒  Click on 'Create New Filter' and a filter creation form will appear  ⇒  In the text box labeled 'From:' enter, then click the 'Next Step' button  ⇒  On the next part of the form, select the option that says 'Apply the label:' and from the drop down menu select 'New label..'  ⇒  A box should appear asking you for the name of the new label, type: palitext  ⇒  Click okay, then Click 'Create Filter'; This creates the filter  ⇒  Your email service should now recognise any email from and apply the given label  ⇒  On the left hand side there should be a 'Labels' box which can be used to quickly navigate to your labeled emails.
If this has not worked, there should be an option on the left that says 'Spam'  ⇒  Click on it and you will be taken to your Spam box  ⇒  find any email in it from  ⇒  select it and click the 'Not Spam' button above.

Your email service should now accept emails from

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