List of Conferences, Meetings, and the I.B. Horner Lecture

Isaline Blew Horner

The next AGM of the Pali Text Society will take place
in Room FG01 (Faber Building), SOAS,
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H OXG,
on Friday, 29 September 2017, at 5.00 p.m.


The AGM will be followed at 5.30 p.m. in the same place by the 17th I. B. Horner Memorial Lecture:

Vincent Tournier (SOAS, University of London)
The Buddha’s Self-ordination:
from the Vinaya mātṛkās to the Milindapañha

I.B. Horner Memorial Lectures
  1. Richard Gombrich (8 September 1986): "Texts in Use: Pāli in Sinhalese Buddhism"

  2. Steven Collins (7 September 1987): "On the Very Idea of the Pāli Canon",
    Published in JPTS XV (1990), pp. 90-126

  3. Maurice Walshe (22 September 1989): "Pāli and the Western Buddhist"

  4. Walpola Rahula (20 September 1991): "Pāli Studies in Sri Lanka Today"

  5. Oskar von Hinüber (1 October 1993): "Buddhist Monks and Their Libraries in Northern Thailand: The Beginnings of the Pāli Text Tradition",
    Published under the title "Chips from Buddhist Workshops: Scribes and Manuscripts from Northern Thailand" JPTS XII (1996), pp. 35-57

  6. Margaret Cone (15 September 1995): "Lexicography, Pāli, and Pāli Lexicography",
    Published in JPTS XII (1996), pp. 1-34

  7. Nalini Balbir (18 September 1997): "Jainism in Pāli Scriptures",
    Published under the title "Jain-Buddhist Dialogue: Material from the Pāli Scriptures" in JPTS XXVI (2000), pp. 1-42

  8. Peter Skilling (17 September 1999): "The Tipiṭaka in South-East Asia"

  9. Lance Cousins (14 September 2001): "Sanskrit, Pāli, and Theravāda Buddhism"

  10. Rupert Gethin (19 September 2003):"Mythology and Meditation: From the Mahāsudassana Sutta to the Rāmāyaṇa",
    Published under the title "Mythology as Meditation: From the Mahāsudassana Sutta to the Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra" in JPTS XXVIII (2005), pp. 63-109

  11. Petra Kieffer-Pülz (16 September 2005): "Stretching the Vinaya Rules and Getting Away with It",
    Published in JPTS XXIX (2007), pp. 1-49

  12. Richard Salomon (14 September 2007): "The Lives of the Buddhas"

  13. Jonathan Silk (18 September 2009): "Kern and the Study of Indian Buddhism"
    Revised version published in JPTS XXXI (2012), pp. 125-154

  14. Anne Blackburn (16 September 2011): "Textual After-Lives of Scholar Monks in Later Medieval Pali-Land"

  15. Charles Hallisey (20 September 2013): "Pali and World Literature"

  16. Ingo Strauch (18 September 2015): "Gāndhārī, Pāli and the Buddhist 'Urkanon'. The language(s) of the earliest Buddhist transmission in the light of Buddhist texts from Gandhāra"

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