Current Projects in Pāli Studies

The Pali Text Society wishes to put a list of current projects connected with Pāli studies on its Web site. The purpose of this Web page is to enable scholars and other people interested in Pāli to know what is being prepared. This should help avoid duplication in research. Areas of interest include editions of Pāli texts, translations of Pāli texts, and linguistic studies of Pāli.

People are invited to send a short statement of their work to the Pali Text Society. They may indicate if they are interested in hearing from people working on similar projects (in which case an address should be included in the statement). Addresses will not be given out unless we are authorized to do so.

Current projects in Pāli Studies, which are supported by the Pali Text Society:

(1) The fourth and last volume of the Dictionary of Pāli is being prepared by Dr Martin Straube.
     He can be contacted by email at, or at this address:

     Dr Martin Straube
     Research Fellow in Pali Lexicography
     Philipps-Universität Marburg
     Indologie und Tibetologie
     Deutschhausstraße 12
     35032 Marburg, GERMANY

(2) Mahāsuttas, the final volume is being prepared by Mr Peter Skilling

(3) Saṅgītiyavaṃsa, edition and translation by Dr Charles Hallisey

(4) Kalyāṇī inscription, the Pāli text and translation to be prepared by Jason Carbine

(5) Apadāna, Dr Chris Clark (University of Sydney) is currently working on a translation

(6) Cariyāpiṭaka, the translation of the text and commentary that was being translated by the late Dr Peter Masefield is being completed by Pali Text Society staff

(7) The Pāli-English Dictionary has been put on the Web as part of a program being run in Chicago by Dr James Nye. See University of Chicago site

(8) The papers of T.W. and Caroline Rhys Davids and the papers of I.B. Horner in the Oriental Faculty Library of the University of Cambridge have been catalogued. They can be consulted on their Web site

Other projects in Pāli Studies:

(1) Dr Justin McDaniel is analyzing and translating various Nissaya, Vohara, and Namasadda Manuscripts from Laos and Northern Thailand. He also studies protective Pali Yantras and Mantras from Central Thailand. You can contact him at

(2) Dr Grace Burford (Prescott College, Arizona, U.S.A.) is researching the life and work of I.B. Horner in order to write a biography of her. She would appreciate to hear from anyone with relevant information and can be contacted through the PTS

(3) Mr Christian Lammerts is involved in the following projects:
(I) Pali, Burmese, Mon Dhammathat (Dhammasattha): an integrated catalogue of manuscripts in Burma;
(II) An edition and English translation of the Dhammavilāsa Dhammathat, ca. 1174 C.E.
Please contact him at

(4) Venerable U Ravika (Burma) is doing a study of Kalyani Pāli Inscription based on Mon sources. Here is the Acrobat version of the Synopsis

(5) Venerable Vannasiri is preparing a translation of the Paṭhama-Pārājika-Kaṇḍa of the Samantapāsādikā. Go here for the Acrobat version of the Synopsis

(6) Venerable Udagama Dhammaseeha Thero (Australia) is translating a section of the Papancasudani Pali MN commentary into English. Here is the Acrobat version of the Synopsis. You can contact him at

(7) Dr Alastair Gornall (University of Cambridge) is currently researching the Moggallāna-vyākaraṇa.

(8) Aleix Ruiz Falqués is working on the Pāli grammatical tradition of Burma and on a critical edition of Chapaṭa Saddhammajotipāla's Suttaniddesa and Vimalabuddhi's Nyāsa or Mukhamattadīpanī. He is also working on a translation of Saddhammasiri's Saddatthabhedacintā.

(9) Dr Jnan Nanda (Jnanananda Tanchangya) at the University of Hong Kong is working on "An Annotated Translation of the Sampasadaniya-sutta-vannana". You can contact him at

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